Can you help a fan? Do you know where to find these Music Scores? Also: Unwanted tickets.


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  • A very rare old concert Backstage Pass being sold on Ebay. It was from the 19th August 1990 concert at the Crystal Palace Bowl, London. It would be better if it were sold to a fan rather than a collector, click on: Nigel Kennedy Pass. Other option to get to page on e-Bay: Nigel Kennedy, the Music categories, Music Memorabilia (26th June 2013)

  • Miguel, a violin students would like to buy the music scores for the adaptation of Chopin Nocturnes 1 and 2. Can you help? (26th February 2012)

  • A fan remembers the show "Big World Cafe" (Channel 4, late 80s(?)) where Nigel played whilst Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sang "Allah Hoo". Does any body have a recording of it? ...or did our fan dream it all? Help!

    ANSWER: One of our fans says: "I always assumed it had been an early edition of Later with Jools Holland or a late edition of Whistle Test, but I never found any further record of it. I distinctly remember seeing it the first time it was shown and then watching a repeat a few days later, but didn't get my act together quickly enough to record either one, The name Big World cafe' doesn't ring a bell, but there were a lot of short-lived music shows on TV back then. The show was on the 23rd April 1989,  Our thanks to Chris.

  • Nigel and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: A YouTube recording made in Pakistan: Nigel's playing starts at seconds 20 and it lasts about one minute. Our thanks to Moss.

  • Neilum has two tickets to Nigel Kennedy concert on 18th January 2012 in Bristol at 7.30pm. He is unable to go now. 50.00 if anyone is interested. Neilum's e-mail is:

  • Does anyone remember the BBC programme from the Nineties re Nigel's life? I has been shown on Dutch television. Can you remember the year, to help locate it on the web? Do you have a web link? Do you work for the BBC and you know how to look in their archives?

  • Does anyone have a copy of the programme for the concert on the 2nd May 2010 in Nurnberg to give to another fan?

  • A fan would like to know the name of the Australian violinist that plays with Nigel in the current German tour. (Sonia Schebeck). We got the answer to this one!

  • A fan has two tickets for the concert on the 29th April 2010 in Frankfurt. Only 47 euros each. Row 24, seats 35-36 Please e-mail me and I shall forward him/her your e-mail.

  • A fan would like to view/hear a recording of the concert in Burghausen in 2009, did you record it, did you upload it on YouTube? Can you tell us the link?

  • A fan has two tickets for the Baden Baden concert on the 22nd April 2010: they are category 1 at euros 104.00 each, he will accept euros 80.00 each. Please e-mail me and I shall forward him/her your e-mail.

  • What about Nigel's new piece "Sssshhh"? Has it been recorded? Wait and see! Relise date: 10th May 2010.

  • Does anybody know if the music score to "Light my Fire" (Doors Concerto) has been published? A fan is keen to practice the piece!

  • Another fan would like the music score to "Lost in Time", played by Nigel with Kroke!

  • A fan would like the score to "The unknown soldier." Can you help?

  • A fan would like the score sheet for "Lost in Time" from the East meets East CD.

  • Another fan would like the score sheet for Danny Boy.
  • Do you know where to find it? Please e-mail us!

  • Do you know where one could buy sheet music for the songs on the CD East meets East for a keen violinist? Please e-mail us.

  • Do you have a recording of the 2001 Classic Brit Awards, when Nigel won his award, for a fan to give to her 92 year old father who is a keen Nigel fan? Please e-mail us.

  • Do you know where to buy the musical sheets for the musical arrangement of Scarborough Fair played by Nigel?

    Please e-mail us.

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