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Nigel has inspired this fan.

 Photos by Kristina

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These are the photos of one of the three projects by Kristina for her final exams at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. It was entirely designed and made by Kristina.

Kristina was inspired by Nigel's music and wanted to merge the visual effects with the essence of music.
The idea is to allocate the main space to the violinist and the orchestra whilst at the same time allowing some space on the stage for walking and contact with the audience.

©Kristina Radosavljevic ©Kristina Radosavljevic ©Kristina Radosavljevic ©Kristina Radosavljevic ©Kristina Radosavljevic

(All photographs courtesy: Kristina Radosavljevic, Stage and Set Designer, Belgrade, Serbia,