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Nigel has inspired this fan.

 Miroslav heard Nigel and...

I will tell my quick story :)
I'm musician, percussion, but the marimba is my favourite one of the instruments, cause I can express my feelings with it, not only the rythm :)
So last summer I was listening of Nigel's performance of Vivaldi- Summer NON STOP, and his playing inspires me to do something like that on marimba!
I transformed it and arranged the violin score for my instrument, so that I can play it but it was tough.... when i make it the result was big success with the marimba and the orchestra and these days i finished a project that I was trying to make - 4 marimbas orchestra and 1 marimba solo violin - you can hear it here -

Link to YouTube:

and this project was first of its kind!

Thank you Nigel because you were my big inspiration in the music!!!

Miroslav Dimov