Nigel Kennedy: Recital


Label: Sony Classics

To buy: Released 18th March 2013

Format: CD
Number of Discs: one
Digital Download:
Released: 18th March 2013

Content of CD
  1 Sweet & Slow (Fats Waller)
  2 Take Five (Dave Brubeck)
  3 I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby (Fats Waller)
  4 Por Do Sol (Ze Gomez)
  5 Viper's Drag (Fats Waller)
  6 New Dawn (Nigel Kennedy)
  7 Out in the Ocean (arr. Nigel Kennedy)
  8 How Can You Face Me Now (Fats Waller)
  9 Allegro (Johann Sebastian Bach / Nigel Kennedy)
10 Vivace (Johann Sebastian Bach / Nigel Kennedy)
11 Helena's Honeysuckle (Yaron Stavi)
12 Dusk (Nigel Kennedy)