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We want you to know that we all do what we do on this website out of our feelings of deep respect for Nigel and for his music, and for what he does for music in general. What's more, we love the man for his integrity as a musician and as a person ..... with Nigel, what you see is what you get ! We would also like you to feel that this is YOUR website too and we welcome your contributions. If you attend a concert, tell us about it. If you listen to a CD, tell us about that. If you read an article, share it with us. If you read gossip about Nigel, use the paper it's printed on to wrap your garbage in............that's not what we are about ! We promise to do our best to keep you all as fully informed as we can on everything else to do with Nigel. So let your hair down, cuddle up with your computer.....and ENJOY !

 A message from Nigel

Nigel was kind enough to write a personal message for all NIGEL KENNEDY (UN)OFFICIAL FAN CLUB - website visitors.
We realise his handwriting may cause you some difficulty to read (it took us a couple of years to learn to read it) but this is what it says:

From Nigel

Hi, you square eyes,
Turn this shit off &
listen to something. Digital
sound on the net is shit. OFFICIALLY

Portrait: how Nigel inspires people.

(courtesy of MelanieDFineArtwork) (Bulgaria)
To see more prints.

Portrait: how Nigel inspires people.

(courtesy of Arthur Pina) (Antibes - France)
To see more prints.

Portrait: how Nigel inspires people.

(courtesy of Andre' Pallat) (Littlehampton - West Sussex)
To see more prints.

Portrait: how Nigel inspires people.

(courtesy of Ernst-Wilh Mobius) (screen print by Fritzi Zimmer)
To see more prints.

Portrait: how Nigel inspires people.

(courtesy of Ted Ford)

Pictures by Ted Ford
: comments and acknowledgments.

Happy birthday!

Memory lane: Then and now!

You should know about this .....


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     Grace on her birthday!
     Katalin in Budapest with Nigel, 26th March 2010.
    Janusz' evenings with Nigel! Janus Wabia-Berlin and Warsaw.
    by Kuba Dobek: black and white is so atmospheric!

    by Branko: they leave you breathless!

     Found inside my Christmas cracker:

    Q: Which players in an orchestra can't you trust?
    A: The fiddlers.
    (Surely not Nigel!)

    Quiz* .....

    What do Nigel Kennedy, John Dankworth, Emma Johnson and Benny Goodman have in common?
    * our thanks to ClassicFM for the question.

    A free Shhh! CD.

    A chance to win your own copy of SHHH!

    We have teamed up with EMI Classics to offer you the chance to win a copy of Shhh!
    The winners were:
    GK Lambourne, South Croydon, UK
    Cor Schippers, NE Nieuw Lekkerland, The Netherlands.

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