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Nigel's advice on how to raise children...

The Times Monday 8th April 2013

How to get kids to fall in love with the classics by Rory Bremner

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"What to play to your children"

Nigel Kennedy


Anyone can have an innate love of music, but its obvious that children are enthused, inspired and improved by good teaching.

My mother played and taught the piano, and as a baby I was stuck under the piano in my basket for hours on end as she practised, played chamber music and taught.

It was high volume stuff probably the reason I love loud music now.

My mum took me to play for Yehudi Menhuin and I started at his school at 7.

He was an inspiring teacher and a great performer of Bach, which definitely had an impact on me.

Also introduce kids to the Four Seasons you can explain when listening how the instruments, melodies, textures and rhythms evoke the drama, brutality, intensity and delicacy of life in all its seasonal beauty.