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Serbia: the past and the present. - A very nice night with Nigel!

Branko: as I remember Nigel in 1999 and then in 2008!

The background, by the editor:

Branko Karapandza is a web designer from Serbia who works for a Serbian Media Company. He is passionate about photography (more later) and if he has some spare time he attends cultural events such as Nigel Kennedy’s concerts (cultural!?!, note by the editor). This is what happened one night in 1999 as narrated by Branko himself.

Branko’s memories, by Branko:

I have met Nigel in late 1999 when he played in Belgrade.

He invited us to his royal apartment at the Intercontinental Hotel and it was just great sitting next to him drinking wine, talking and laughing all together.

He has really made a strong impression on us by being so normal and yet such a great artist.

After that really cool evening funny thing happened:

He had to go to some Belgrade jazz club to jam with some Serbian jazz musicians and he suggested that I give him a lift to club with my old crappy car :)

(the crappy old car is a “Yugo 45” made in 1984.


“Off course!”, I said.

He kindly said to his driver, who had some big fancy car in front of that classy hotel: “This man will drive me!” pointing at me. The driver was confused but had to respect his wish.

Lucky me :)!!!

Two of us in front and a couple of my friends in the back side of the car.

Alone, with Nigel!

We just couldn’t believe what was happening to us.

Then…all the jokes!

He was kidding like:

“Why don’t you kidnap me and we will split the money, ok?
Come on man! You drive so slow like f***g Mika Hakinen!”

…And on, and on...

Finally we arrived at that club where he has met his old friend Sasa Curcic Djani, a legendary football player who played for Bolton and Aston Villa.

That was a night I will remember for the rest of my life!

The near past: 2008, by the Editor, photos by Branko.

Branko attended Nigel’s concert at the Belgrade Summertime Festival on 8thJuly 2008 and, being passionate about photography, he could not stop himself from taking a couple of pictures which he, very kindly, would like to share with us!


Thank you, Branko!

Photos: Courtesy of Branko.