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Blue Note Jazz Club, Poznan, Poland: March 2009.

Ines: Great concert and party with Nigel Kennedy.

On Sunday, I went to Blue Note, where was Nigel Kennedy/Jarek Śmietana's concert.
I met Ania (my friend studying Cognitive Science with me), Shane and Canadian friends there. Alex and Dave were excited to be at so small Nigel's rock concert. We were standing quite far from the stage, but after a break we moved closer, so we could see this performance better. It was an absolutely amazing concert. The band played such a good stuff and so vividly.

Who was playing?

Jarek Śmietana - guitar
Krzychu Dziedzic - the drummer ('he is so ******* fast', so does Nigel - rock song )
Adam Kowalewski- double bass and bass - 'Professor of Young (...)'-(Nigel)*
Wojciech Karolak – keyboard (Rock song)

After the concert, Alex, who is a guitar player (I guess that pretty good, as he was in the band playing with Brian Adams) was the first to talk to Nigel. Ania, Shane, Dave, Adam, Krzychu and I sat at the tables (this ones for 'snobs') and we were talking about the concert, music, etc.
Guys invited us to Nigel's private room.
What is Nigel doing when a fun comes to him?
He is open, talkative and he exchanges friendly hits with lenched fists (polish 'Turtle'). After some time we moved to Campanile Hotel, where 2 Kennedy's dogs invited us We were listening to the different kinds of music, sitting, dancing, playing fusball, ... Can you imagine how happy we were? We left hotel at about 6am and I had to say Nigel definitely wasn't sleepy then.

Tough man

What so amazing about Nigel? Is he so brilliant as you can read e.g. on the web? I think he is a genius. He cause the musician playing with him are completely engaged. He has this kind of childlike enthusiasm which people often loose while getting older. He feels the music, I cannot even imagine how, strong. He easily put himself in a particular emotional state to be able to play with grater engagement. Moreover, he takes us to these states.

I love his hypnotizing playing of different kinds of music. He was born to be a conductor, he is guiding the Orchestrate by his glaze, movements and his smile. You have to watch this: Vivaldii - Winter I Vivaldi - Winter

He shows that classical music is still alive and can be played with a freshness. There is one song from 'East Meets East' East Meets East

the first Nigel's album I've heard when I was 17. Kennedy with the Polish Chamber Orchestrate: Beethoven and Mozart concertos (with interview with Nigel) Beethoven etc

Here: Kennedy plays jazz Kennedy plays jazz I think he really enjoys being with people. Not surprisingly they love him (Adam said that especially in Germany, UK, USA and Poland). He entertains the audience not only by his playing, but also by his hilarious behaviour, e.g.: Tribute to Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze.

Tribute to Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze. Nigel has a nice polish wife - Agnieszka (who is a lawyer) and they live in Cracow (Kraków).

Here is the unofficial Nigel Kennedy people info's website the unofficial Nigel Kennedy people info's website

More photos from the concert and party.
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