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 Ben Slater: The Kennedy Experience, Brisbane, Australia.

7th March 2010

Ben Slater

Music is life, and in the words of Jimi – “Music is my religion”.
On Sunday 7th March 2010 I was privileged to have what I can only describe as a spiritual
experience wash over me.
Nigel Kennedy and his band of passionate musical cohorts treated what looked like a relatively packed audience to an evening of music that is so rarely performed to the masses – at times it was free-form, at times it was practiced and tight, but it was overwhelmingly a baring of their soul, giving in to the music and to Kennedy’s amazing talent.
To see an electric violin plugged into two massive Marshall stacks was a shock in itself, but when the dials went to 11 and Kennedy closed his eyes to let us in to his world – I believe I was as close to the spirit of Jimi Hendrix as I have ever been outside of listening to the man himself.
This may sound like I am gushing, but to be at the concert and to experience such musical passion was a high that will take a long time to come down from. Plus he seems like a bloody nice bloke in person. That is always a nice thing too. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some of the video’s below. Or even better buy the album “The Kennedy Experience.”